Spray Tan     

Full Body  £20

Half Body £15

Spray Tan is the safest way to get a a glowing tan without the damage from the sun.

Nouvatan has been developed using totally organic active ingredients and contains no alcohol or parabens so you can be assured that what you are putting on your skin is totally safe and dermatology tested to quality standards. There is no orange tinge with this tan.

The guide colour is very natural looking which allows you to go about your day without the obvious just been spray tanned look, this then washes off after development time to leave you beautifully tanned.

Pre Spray Tan Advice

Shave at least 24 hours before

Exfoliate & shower prior to tan for longer lasting smoother tan

Do not apply moisturiser, perfumes, make up or deodorants prior to tanning

During Your Tan

Wear suitable swimwear or underwear to create your desired result.

If using underwear ensure it is black.

Cream will be applied to your hands and feet

Your session will last around 15 minutes.

You will be dry to dress straight after.

Do not touch skin whilst developing to avoid tanned fingers and palms.

Post Spray Tan Advice

Wear loose dark clothing following your tan.

Shower between 6-8 hours after treatment

Pat dry with a towel. Do not rub.

Avoid water on skin whilst tan is developing.

Avoid touching the skin during development time as this will cause staining on the palms of hands.

Avoid heavy exercise or any perspiration during development

Moisturise body regularly to maximise duration of tan. Do not use an oil based moisturiser as oil can strip your tan.

Avoid swimming as chlorine will strip the tan.

Tan does not contain SPF. Please remember to wear sun protection if needed.





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