Relaxation Massage                 iStock

A relaxing massage that uses gentle techniques to improve the circulation and flush out toxins

Back, Neck & Shoulders       25 mins 20

Back of Legs & Back             40 mins 25

Full Body                                55 mins 30


Remedial / Sports Massage

A corrective treatment that is ideal for loosening muscles to regain flexibility & prevents strains from occurring by using deep tissue massage techniques

25 mins 20    

40 mins 25         

55 mins 30


Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage is a truly relaxing treatment that uses a specific blend of essential oils that are prescribed for the individuals needs on an emotional & physical level.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage        25 mins 25

Full Body Massage (inc face & scalp)  55 mins 40


Deep Abdominal Massage

This treatment eases bloatedness, IBS, stress, a deep but gentle massage is performed on the abdomen, this focuses on the metabolic & energetic functions of the abdomen to release trapped gases, blockages & waste products. It relieves abdominal fluid retention, improves detoxification of the body, improved digestive health (better elimination, increased digestion & metabolism). Improved breathing which leads to better relaxation & improved postural health.
Do not have a heavy meal before treatment.

25 mins 25


Daoyin Tao

The treatment is a harmonious blend of softened adapted Chinese & Western Massage skills that creates a powerful synergy.
Acupressure points are used to bring relaxation & balance to the whole body through contact on the face, neck & shoulders. 
The treatment is truly relaxing & gently encourages the alleviation of tension & stress whilst dispersing migraines/headaches, tinnitus & easing IBS.

30 mins 25



Thermal Stone Massage

Massaging with heated smooth volcanic stones penetrates deep into the layers of muscles to release tension & muscle aches. A warming, relaxing treatment providing a sense of well being & calmness

Back, Neck & Shoulders       25 mins 25

Full Body Treatment             55 mins 40


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an excellent treatment to help reduce stress and fatigue, it increases mental clarity, provides relaxation and rejuvenation

25 mins 25


Pregnancy Massage

Massage boosts the circulation, immune system, deepens breathing, reduces stress and increases relaxation which is even more vital during pregnancy. Tailored for your needs, you choose the area to be massaged. (Dr's permission required prior to treatment).

25 mins 25             55 mins 35








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